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Winter Fun At Camelback Mountain With Momtrends #MTCamelback

I absolutely love winter but I have never been a fan of the winter sports. I have always had a fear of  to ice skate or slope down a hill. I knew that I was instilling my own fears into Andre because he has never done any winter activity. He recently went ice skating with his school for the 1st time and completely fell in love with it. So when we were invited to Camelback Mountain for a day of winter fun by Momtrends, I knew I had to do it.  So I signed Andre & my nephew Julian up for a day of snowboarding & snow tubing.

When we arrived, we parked in the VIP preferred parking lot which is conveniently located at the entrance which is a big plus when you have to carry a ton of gear. Since this was our 1st time, we only came with snow pants & our boots. I immediately felt that we were less prepared. Once we checked in, we were shown to the equipment rental area. It was a quick & seamless process. The boys gave in their height, weight & shoe size & in return were given the appropriate snowboard & shoes. The staff was attentive & assisted in tying the boots since I had no clue if I was doing it correctly.

Once the boys had their Burton & Salmon gear, they looked like professional snowboarders but not quite. They needed to head to ski school for their 90 minute beginner lessons. I registered them at the school and was given a tag that would be needed to retrieve them at the end of the 90 minutes. At first, they were very anxious but the instructors were friendly & highly professional. My niece & I eagerly watched on the side line.  There were falls but no cries which is always a good start.

After their lessons, the boys were ready to try it on their own.  They decided to head on to the mini slope to practice some more.

Doesn’t he look like a pro?


I was quite pleased at how efficient the staff was. No one was allowed on the hills unless they were tagged with ski tickets. I was worried about the boys being trampled on by oncoming traffic but they were very safe. Someone injured themselves and there was quite a bit of blood but the staff was sure to scoop the snow & remove it since it was definitely not a sight anyone wanted to see.

Once I was able to lure them away from the slopes, we headed to snow tubing. With 42 lanes, Camelback’s snow tubing park is boasted as the largest in Pennsylvania. Tickets are on a 1st come 1st served basis and only sold the day of in 3 hour sessions. I can see why it’s one of the best attractions at the park with it’s newest Galactic tubing. Once the sun sets, the lanes light up in a LED light show. I have to say the hills were pretty intimidating but provided tons of thrills.

Once we were done, we headed to Aquatopia, Camelback’s indoor waterpark.  We visited last year during winter storm Jonas & I say it’s the best place to be stuck at! It’s one of the coolest water parks that we have ever been to. The boys love it and couldn’t wait to enjoy some water fun.

We had such an amazing day that I am so glad I was able to bring my family to experience it. Camelback Mountain is located in Tannersville, Pa, the perfect place for either a one day visit or a weekend getaway. It is only a mere 2 hour drive from New York City. We absolutely love coming here in the summers that now we will have to make the effort to become some winter enthusiasts too.

A huge thank you to Momtrends & Camelback for hosting my family in this fun filled day!

<3 Denise

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  1. Wow! What a fun experience. Snowboarding, tubing and a water park ending? Now that’ sounds like a good day!

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