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Weekending In Boston

For Andre’s last “summer” weekend before he headed back to school, I didn’t want to stay in New York. We decided to take a road trip to Boston. He wanted to see a ball game at Fenway park to see Big Papi in action. Off we went up North for a weekend of quality time & some New England fun.


Fenway Park is the oldest ball park in MLB franchise. I haven’t been to many ballparks to compare it to other than Yankee Stadium & Citifield but I have to say it was pretty impressive. There’s so much history to this city that you can feel it in the ballpark too. Legends played here. Upon entering the ballpark you can feel the energy of the Bostonians.

Our 1st stop was at the Kids zone to let them know that it was Andre’s first visit. They gave him a my 1st game at Fenway! button where he wrote his name on it. We were lucky to get one of the goody bags that had some Fenway dirt as well. It was a fun treat for Andre & great keepsake.


What I didn’t know was that our seats were exposed to the extreme heat that day. There is no cover to shield from the sun. Boston was experiencing the start of a heat wave that weekend of course! I was feeling quite oppressive and had to venture indoors every so often. The boyz endured it. I guess I’m the punk!


While we were seated we noticed that several people were signing the foul pole. None of us knew why so I googled it. It’s Peskey’s pole the right field foul line, which stands 302 feet (92 m) from home plate the shortest outfield distance (left or right field) in Major League Baseball. On September 27, 2006, on Pesky’s 87th birthday, the Red Sox organization officially dedicated the right field foul pole as Pesky’s Pole with a commemorative plaque placed at its base. A fun fact to learn while there!

IMG_2656 IMG_2654

The ball park has a Kids zone & a Wally Clubhouse where restless kiddies can take a break from watching the game & have some fun. I thought this was a great idea since baseball can get boring at times if it goes on without any hits.

IMG_2676 IMG_2680

During one of my moments of escaping the heat, I walked through the ballpark. There was so much history hung on the walls. It was amazing to see how the Red Sox logo has changed throughout the years and to read stories from the Boston Globe.

IMG_2690 IMG_2691 IMG_2681


The game was a blow out! Boston kicked Seattle’s butt 22-10. Big Papi didn’t hit any home runs while we were there but it was exciting to see him in action. I had no idea that he is a designated hitter and doesn’t play the field. No wonder he can just look like he came out of the club with his gold chains & sunglasses.


I told you Bostonians are full of energy. The boyz were photobombed by this woman. Her husband was yelling at her for doing it. We thought it was hysterical.


She felt bad and offered to take a family pic for us. LOL


If you’re planning a trip to Boston & have a baseball fan on your hands then take them to Fenway. It’s worth the experience and the smiles on their faces.

Disclosure: This is a personal post.


<3 Denise


  1. Sounds like such a great trip! I need to take my son to Fenway.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. What a fun day!!! I had no idea there was so much to do at a baseball game and I love that they gave out pins and dirt! So cute!!

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