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How Vertigo Ruined My Birthday #personalpost

This year my husband wanted to take me away for my birthday. I was turning 45. I normally would have jumped at the opportunity to plan a weekend away but for some reason I was hesitant. We wanted to head to somewhere new so we decided on Panama. I was going back & forth on the hotel options and committing to the trip. Since it was right after the holidays, I didn’t want to spend the money but my husband was set on going. What was wrong with me? My man wanted to celebrate me with a trip. I finally booked it. I never, ever buy travel insurance. After reading a blog post from Nomadic Matt who encourages buying travel insurance I decided to do it. I figured since it was winter & we would be traveling in February, the weather is always unpredictable for snow. It was better to be safe than sorry. I am glad I was safe.

The Monday of the week of our trip, I woke up dizzy. I allotted it to getting up too swiftly and kept going. I went to work and mentioned it to my coworkers but shrugged it off. The next day, in the middle of the night I woke up screaming. I felt like I was on the tea cup ride in the amusement park. I could literally feel my bed spinning. I yelled to my husband to stop it. He wasn’t even in the bed but at his desk. He had no idea what I was talking about. I went back to sleep. In a few hours, I got up for work and felt a bit dizzy again but not as severe. I showered and got dressed for work hoping it would dissipate. Well it didn’t. I sat up in bed waiting for it to stop. Next thing I knew I went to lie down on my right side, and I had to vomit. My husband ran to grab a can for me and I threw up. And it would be like that for the next few hours. I didn’t know what was going on. Why now? God please make it stop.

I headed to see my primary care doctor that morning for an emergency visit. I needed her to let me know what this was and how to make it go away. She listened, and checked me. Have you recently been sick? Well I had a cold a few weeks ago. Last month I had a bad ear infection that it clogged me up. Well sounds like you have vertigo. You can’t drive or fly until it goes away. WHAT?? I can’t fly?? But I’m leaving for Panama on Thursday. Do you have insurance? If so then you need to cancel. I felt like dying. At that moment, I was disappointed. Disappointed in myself for having this now. Disappointed that I had to tell my husband & son that we have to cancel our vacation plans. I felt like I failed us.

When I broke the news to my husband, he didn’t understand why I couldn’t push through it. I wanted to push my fist through him but I knew that he couldn’t possibly know how it felt to have your head spinning when you’re not. Andre was disappointed because he wouldn’t get that extra day off from school. I was so bummed but I felt that intuitively I must have known that Panama would not be happening right now. It wasn’t the right time for us to go. That is okay. I needed to get better. This definitely taught me to slow it down a bit.  We got our money back on the hotel and credit from the airline. Panama will happen this year. I will put that out to the universe.

I am happy to say that even though we didn’t fly out of town for my birthday, I did get to celebrate with my boyz which is all that I wanted. We decided on a road trip to Kalahari Resorts in the Pocono Mountains. Andre definitely got the better end of the deal and I couldn’t enjoy myself on any water slides but we had an amazing weekend nonetheless.

I can say that my vertigo has subsided. I do have my moments when I feel dizzy but it definitely isn’t bad as the initial onset. I am just hoping it all goes away so I can enjoy my travel plans for the year. If anyone does suffer from vertigo I would love to hear how you handle it and any holistic treatments that you recommend.

Lesson learned from this. Follow your intuition. If I didn’t I would never have bought that travel insurance & we would have lost money. Listen to your body. Only knew can know when something isn’t right.




<3 Denise


  1. Sounds scary and no, you are definitely not a failure. Glad you got the insurance though. Next time, I won’t think twice when I’m prompted to get travel insurance. Funny, you’re talking about vertigo, my sister experienced it in December. It happened to her on a Sunday night and she actually passed out but luckily not before calling 911 and giving them the security code to her house. It was super scary. I will talk to my sister and see if she has any holistic treatment suggestion. It’s a fairly new diagnosis for her so she’s still trying to make sense of it all. One thing is for sure – It sucks. Glad you’re feeling better though.

    • Thanks Kira! I appreciate your kind words. I am so glad your sister was able to get help in time. It definitely is a scary thing to happen.

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