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Unplug & Get Out To Play With Kaboom And Band-Aid

I recently attended an event sponsored by Band-Aid, Neosporin and Kaboom to encourage families to drop the electronics & get out to play! With the warmer weather slowly coming our way, what better time than to get outside. The event was hosted by Tamera Mowry, actress & TV talk show host of The Real.


The event showcased fun activities that initiate movement & play. There was jump rope, tick tack toe games, and jenga! I have to admit that my family has fallen into the dark depths of the electronic world. We do set limits on our son with his use to weekends only. So when he finally gets to play he’s all in! But once this weather gets warmer, I’m definitely going to pull him and my husband away from it all to enjoy the outdoors.

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0519Kaboom! is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing play in the lives of kids particularly those growing up in poverty in America. They create places to play, inspire communities to promote and support play, and work to drive the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy lives and communities. I love what this organization is doing across America.

Growing up and living in East Harlem we don’t have the best playgrounds. There are plenty of broken swings, slides and limited resources for fun. They really stink. I always end up taking my son to the parks downtown. I wish Kaboom! would create a new play space in our neighborhood.

Thanks to Band-Aid and Neosporin I will be prepared for any outdoor accidents. They stocked us up on supplies to ensure we have a safe time playing!

IMG_0511 IMG_0512IMG_0513

Make a pledge to your family that everyone will unplug & go outside and be active. We have started to do evening walks after dinner. And be sure to have a safety kit in case of accidents! #playon

Disclosure: I attended the event as press. I received a sway bag of products.

<3 Denise

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