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TMNT: Out of the Shadows Press Junket #TMNT2

Cowabunga dudes! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are almost here! I can’t wait to tell you all about the movie so look out for my review next week. But what I can tell you is how I recently spent my Sunday morning with some very special men.


Seated from left to right: Gary Anthony Williams – Bebop, Stephen Farrelly – Rocksteady, Stephen Amell – Casey Jones. Tyler Perry – Baxter Stockman, Brian Tee – Shredder, and Will Arnett – Vernon Fenwick

This was a Sunday like no other! Never would I imagine being in a room amongst such great actors & a WWE giant! These are the male stars of the upcoming movie  TMNT: Out of the Shadows. I have seen countless interviews of actors on tv & have always wondered if they really get along with each other? Well I can assume that this group are best friends.


The junket provided great insight into how they prepared for their characters and the casting process. Can you believe this is Stephen Amell’s first feature film? Gary & Steven were told to spend some QT with each other so they went straight to an Irish bar. I felt like I was in my own feature film with these guys.   Jokes were cracked left to right; no one was spared and I loved it! Seeing how they can feed off of each other, I knew that this was the perfect cast for one of my childhood favorites. You can see the camaraderie in the film too.

They answered several questions from the press then took some time to take selfies with us. I tried so hard to make my way through this experienced group of press to grab a pic with everyone but I missed a few. Lesson learned but I was ecstatic for the ones that I did get!


20160522_105127[1] 20160522_105148[1]

Once these guys left the 2nd part to the press junket began. We were introduced to the voices behind 3 of turtles as well as the director, producer and writers.

IMG_6401 From left to right: Pete Ploszek – Leonardo, Noel Fisher – Michelangelo, Jeremy Howard – Donatello

It was pretty awesome to see who voices the rambunctious bunch! It was great hearing the actors perception on how their turtle’s personality grows in the film.

Disclosure: I was invited to the press junket. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
<3 Denise

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