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Sorrento & Naples – Europe Part 2 #VitalsinEurope #familytravel #TravelTuesday

Our 2nd leg of the trip was heading down the coast of Italy to Sorrento. This was one of the highlights of my trip planning. I read about the Amalfi coast, seen pictures, followed Pinterest boards and was just excited about going there. We opted to take the Terentalia train because I read stories that the drive down the coast was windy and steep. It just freaked me out so I decided to do the train. I figured it was a great way to see the country side of Italy. Well no guide book could have prepared me for a train ride that reminded me of the No. 6 train on a hot & humid NYC day.

The high speed train was delightful. It was comfy & everything I expected typical to the LIRR. But when we got off at Naples & switched to the Circumvesviana train, that was a different story. The train came every 1/2 hour & the platform was more crowded than Times Square. I now know how the tourists in New York feel when they are aimlessly walking the streets with luggage because we were trying to get on a crowded train with our 3 suitcases. Once we made it in, it was standing room with no a/c for nearly an hour. Being a true New Yorker, I had my guard up because pick pocketers are everywhere in Italy. Once we got to Sant’Agnello, be sure that hubby decided he wasn’t doing that ride back. We would rent a car for our return to Naples.

Sant’Agnello borders Sorrento. Our air bnb was a quaint apartment with a garden and laundry facilities. We were welcomed with a basket full of Italian goodies. Down the block was the spectacular view of the coast. It was breath taking. We were a mere 15 walk from the center of Sorrento, which I fell in love with. It is a peaceful town, buzzing in the evenings with restaurants & cafes, shops & local street vendors. I had the best prosciutto at Aurora Lite, located in the centre. It literally melted in your mouth. When in Italy, you must eat gelato. Everyday and that we did at Raki.

We were only in Sorrento for 2 nights which was definitely not enough. I regretted not planning our stay for longer but I learned my lesson for our next trip back. We didn’t get to see all of the Amalfi Coast, particularly the Capri Island, which was on my must see list. I was initially pissed off but realized that the boyz were just exhausted from Rome and were still trying to adjust to the time difference. Why should I be mad?? I was in Italy. For 2 weeks. So I needed to just chill because Sorrento exudes such an inner peace that you just want to relax.

Once our days in Sorrento were done, we jumped in our rental car to head up to for a night in Naples. The drive up the coast was beautiful & I’m glad we did it. There wasn’t any traffic which couldn’t be said for the road heading down to Sorrento. I guess we were lucky. We headed for a visit to Pompeii.

The weather was so hot in Italy, that it didn’t cool off in Pompeii. It is so expansive that I’m sure we missed parts of it. To think that this was once a city where people lived and walked was eerie. The preservation of the site is amazing. There were original tiling that looked brand new. I definitely suggest a visit to Pompeii if you’re in the Naples region. It is a must see.

As we continued our drive to Naples, I think I may have panicked several times. The drivers are insane especially on the vespas! They literally do not observe any type of road rules. Naples is not one of the prettiest cities. It reminded us of old mafia New York city. I was kinda scared at night because it’s that dark there. We had to have pizza since it was developed in Naples. I must say it was one of the best I had eaten compared to Rome. The crust is thicker and tastier. I highly recommend eating pizza in Naples. We tried to eat it at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele which was in the movie Eat, Pray & Love with Julia Roberts but the line was so long. They only have 2 types of pizzas: regular or extra cheesy. So fortunately we opted to eat at a local restaurant nearby & it did not disappoint. The food was delicious & service was impeccable.

We ended our day with a stay at the Best Western JFK. Great hotel, shady neighborhood but that’s all of Naples. It served it’s purpose for the night to prepare us for our next stop…Greece!


<3 Denise


  1. Loved reading about your Italian adventures. I was there many years ago and remember how amazing those cities were.

  2. Sandy A. Sandy A.

    Thanks for sharing your trip! Made me feel part of it. It also gave me good insight as to what do do while in Italy

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