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Skylanders Hops Into Easter With Limited Edition Toys #easter #giftideas

This week I’m writing about some fun ideas that you can use to fill up the Easter baskets with instead of the candy. Toys of course are a hit anytime of the year. If you have a Skylanders Trap Team fan in your household, then these limited edition toys Eggsellent Weeruptor, Power Punch Jet-Vac and a special Bunny Earth Trap will make any fan squeal with joy! Weeruptor and Jet-Vac are Minis characters made especially for Spring holiday and feature pastel colors and an egg-shaped package design.





Eggsellent Weeruptor: Weeruptor was chosen as this year’s official mascot for the Annual Dragon Egg Hunt!  Being new to this time honored tradition, he disguised himself as a candy-coated egg and proceeded to capture Spyro, Cynder, and Drobot within a Traptanium basket… sort of missing the point of the occasion.  But what he lacks in point-getting, he more than makes up for in “Eggsellence!”


Power Punch Jet – Vac: Jet-Vac was the greatest, most daring flying ace in all of Windham.  He was given his magical wings when he was young, as was the tradition for all Air Barons.  But when his homeland was raided, he chose to sacrifice his wings to a young mother so she could fly her children to safety.  This act of nobility caught the attention of Master Eon, who sought out the young Air Baron and presented him with a gift – a powerful vacuum device that would allow him to soar through the skies once again. Jet-Vac accepted the gift with gratitude, and now daringly fights evil alongside the other Skylanders.


Bunny Earth Trap:The Bunny Earth Trap is one of the most unique Traps of the bunch and features a cute bunny-themed design.

Get hopping to your nearest retailer before they are gone!

<3 Denise

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