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Reflecting On 2015 #personal

I honestly can’t believe that today is the last day of 2015. Where the hell did the year go? So much happened this year that I am grateful for. There were definitely more ups than downs and memories to fill up a jar. I don’t know what to expect from 2016 but I can only hope that it will out beat this year. As we get ready to eat our last meal of the year, I write this looking back on what I learned and thinking about what I want for next year.

  1. I need more time with friends. You tend to lose yourself doing everyday tasks and make excuses for not going out. I know for me, I look back & realize I didn’t see much of my close friends this year. And that is horrible. Friends that I have known since childhood and in school that know me from bottom to top. I miss those relationships. I miss the laughs & just the comfort of being outside the box of Mom & Wife. I promise my girlfriends that 2016 will be more frequent GNOs.
  2. I need a new career. Blogging doesn’t pay my bills and as much as I enjoy it I can’t make it my sole income. I work full time outside my home. While I do enjoy my job, it’s killing my creative juices and draining my soul. I think I have known for awhile that I need to look for a new job but the “comfort” has sucked me in. My husband has been pushing me to do something else with him and I think I need to wake up & stop being afraid. Take the plunge and release my fears.
  3. Time to get healthy. This has been on my list for years! as I’m sure it is on everyone else in the world. That’s why gyms are crowded the beginning of the year. I realize that I need to really put an effort to get healthy. After my emergency gallbladder surgery you would think I would have a wake up call. I am lazy. I admit it. But if I want to be around for Andre the next 20 years I need to make an effort to hit the gym. I have a fit bit which I love competing with my friends on. So if you have a fit bit let’s be friends & challenge each other!
  4. I love my husband. Yes we all love our spouses but this year I realized that he truly works his ass off so Andre & I enjoy a good life. His drive & tenacity to make his business successful is an inspiration. Sometimes I don’t appreciate him like I should. Ten years under our belt and I lucked out when I went on that blind date. I thank God everyday for placing him in my life. He’s the perfect Dad and I hope Andre sees that.

There’s too much to write down. My thoughts are all over. But I want all my readers to know that I thank each & every one of you for coming into my world. I appreciate your support & I look forward to bringing more to you next year. It’s been a 4 year online journey that I am eternally grateful for.


From my family to yours we wish 2016 to bring you love, wealth, happiness & good health!
Happy New Year!


Denise, Dre & Andre

<3 Denise

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