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Reconnecting As A Family #gamenight #family

For the new year I decided that I wanted to see my family more. Meaning my sister  & her family along with my nieces & nephews. Most of them live in New Jersey and I don’t get to see them often. I know we spent time during the holidays, but its so much hustle & bustle that it went so fast. I am always busy with Andre’s activities on the weekends that time gets the best of me. After talking with my coworker about how she implements game night with her kids every week, it gave me an idea. I decided to implement a monthly game night with my family. Everyone was gung ho about it and we had our 1st game night this weekend.

My oldest niece held it in her apartment. I know she was uber excited to have us all over since we tend not to visit because of her dog. Too many of us have allergies. We all sucked it up, popped benadryl & headed out to her place for a fun night. And it was exactly that.

We laughed, talked, ate, drank & played games. It was great to be in one room just reconnecting. Of course the battle of the sexes ensued while playing Hollywood Game Night. It is an intense game!

The younger ones were excited to be together & be the rambunctious bunch that they are. Oh boy were they loud! The only time they were quiet was when they were playing on their Ipads. What a shame…

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Our next game night is already on the calendar. It will be a Chinese New Year celebration too. I really hope we can keep this new tradition up for the rest of the year. I know it will be hard once schedules start conflicting but we will all have to make the most effort. That’s the goal, right? To make time for family. A time to reconnect.

How do you reconnect with your family? Let me know if you have any favorite board games that we should try out!

Disclosure: This is a personal post.


<3 Denise

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