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Private Blue Sky Studio Tours @PeanutsMovie #PeanutsInsiders

I recently was invited to spend the day at Blue Sky Studios in Connecticut. They are the creators of the successful Peanuts Movie as well as countless other hits such as Rio and Ice Age. I was so excited to get to learn about the creation of America’s beloved Charlie Brown & friends. It definitely was a unique opportunity.


We spent the day split in groups to learn from the amazingly creative teams behind The Peanuts Movie. We heard from Sabine Heller, Rigging & Lighting Character Development supervisor, Jeff Gabor the Animation Lead and 3D Stereoscopic Supervisor Dan Abramovici. Each showed us the technical and intricate processes of their jobs. You never realize how detailed it is to make an animated film from the way the character walks to the shape of their heads in a full frontal or a side profile. Even down to the neighborhood of where Charlie Brown lived. I was highly fascinated and have the utmost respect for everyone that gets to bring such joy & laughter to my family with these films.




I wish I had a quarter of the creative juices that run through these people’s veins. Some staff members created unique cubicles for themselves. I wanted a job here!

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We were treated to a draw Snoopy course by Steve Martino with a surprise visit by Snoopy himself!


I may not get a job at Blue Sky for animation but I tried my best! Not bad, right?


As if the day could get any better we met with the young voice talent from the film. Marelik “Mar Mar” Walker (Franklin), Noah Schnapp (Charlie Brown), Venus Omega Schultheis (Peppermint Patty)  and Alex Garfin (Linus) stopped by. They are such great kids and have a bright future ahead of them.


I had such a wonderful day. It was truly an experience to see how much work and thought process goes into making an animated film. If you haven’t seen The Peanuts Movie yet then what are you waiting for? It is out on Blu-Ray DVD and Digital HD. Grab your copy today!

Disclosure: I am a  Fox Home Entertainment Insider. I was invited as press to the Blue Sky Studios. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. No compensation was received.

<3 Denise


  1. Janet W. Janet W.

    What a great, unique behind the scenes experience! Peanuts are such a classic!

  2. Keri Justice Keri Justice

    How exciting! I bet it was a lot of fun learning about everything they do.

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