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New Beauty Finds #KIKOTrendSetters

We went to the Palisades Mall yesterday. Andre starts school in less than 2 weeks and I realized I literally haven’t done much to prepare. I needed to get him uniform pants & new black sneakers. We knew where we had to go and after we purchased his stuff I wanted a small chance to check out some stores for myself. Andre hates shopping so it took some convincing. Luckily for him I spotted a up to 70% off sale at a make up store.

The store was bright & the colors popped. It was Kiko Cosmetics. I had never heard of them but I love make up. Even though I wear it minimally, I am always looking for new shades of lip colors.

There were a lot of items that were 50% off. I was ecstatic because the prices were cheap to begin with. The friendly sales girl offered me a promotional scratch off card which entitled me to 50% off a full price item as well as my clearance items. I was sold! I bought 4 items that cost me a total of $14.00! What a deal!

I love the shades I selected. They are perfect for transitioning to the fall.



This is a red lip gloss. Not sure what the name is. I can’t find it online but it has a number 04 on the box.  Perfect for these summer days that we have left.



The above is part of their Deco Delight line. It’s a shiny wet lipstick decorated with polka dots. I thought it was a bit funky. This color is Jolly Roger. It’s a nude shade that I have been loving this summer.


This is part of the Luscious Cream lipsticks. The number is 521 Dark Mauve. The case is weird. You have to push it down in order for it to pop out. Unless I’m doing it wrong. But I will do a video demonstration this week on you tube so look out for that!


My last purchase was their Graphic Ritual Kajal eyeliner in Percussion Steel. It looks like a brown/black with glitter. I’m hoping it doesn’t smudge or leave a residue on my oily lids.

I will testing these out this week. I will let you know what I think via my instagram & you tube. So be sure to follow along! If you have ever tried Kiko Cosmetics let me know what your favorite product is. They are so inexpensive that if I like them I may end up purchasing more. So I would love to hear your feedback!

Disclosure: This is a personal post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


<3 Denise


  1. Priscilla S. Priscilla S.

    I’ve never heard of Kiko Cosmetics but I’m intrigued by the great prices and awesome sales. Can’t believe you got 4 items for $14!

  2. amy tolley amy tolley

    great line of lip products some i have never heard of before and some i have ty for sharing

  3. Julie Wood Julie Wood

    I really love the lip products and love trying out different brands. I really like the red lip gloss. It looks so pretty!

  4. Cynthia C Cynthia C

    I like the colors too. The red lip gloss wouldn’t work for me but the more subtle colors are perfect.

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