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What You Need To Know About The Zika Virus #GoHealthUC #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with Stiletto Media and Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I recently attended an event at the Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care center to learn more about the the Zika virus. Even though I don’t intend on becoming pregnant, I feel this is an issue that is rising in our community.

The speakers at the event were Dr. Gorodnitskiy, Director of Cardiology at Northwell Health’s Lenox Health Greenwich Village and Dr. Neal Shipley, Regional Medical Director at Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care. They led the Zika presentation. Both men provided such vital information.

Zika virus is currently happening in many countries. The predominant territories are the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Guyana. I was definitely surprised by this information and more concerned since I will be traveling to P.R. in October. The infected mosquitoes are daytime biters but they can also bite at night. If you have been infected with Zika then the chance of you getting it again is unlikely. You develop an immunity to it.

What do we know about Zika?

  • It can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus
  • The infection can occur during pregnancy & cause birth defects such as microcephaly
  • It is spread mostly by a mosquito bite
  • It can be spread by a man to his sex partners
  • There has been no local transmission of Zika in the continental U.S.
  • There is currently no vaccine or medicine to prevent/treat Zika

Symptoms of Zika

  • fever
  • rash
  • joint pain
  • conjunctivitis

Prevention of Zika

  • wear long sleeved clothing and pants
  • use EPA registered insect repellents
  • mosquito netting can be used to cover beds, cribs or strollers
  • wear condoms with any male that has traveled to a Zika infected area
  • stay indoors with air conditioning

One attendee advised Dr. Shipley that he planned on a trip to Brazil for the Olympics this summer with a young woman.  He asked if they should cancel their trip even if this is on their bucket list? The response was an affirmative yes. If she intends on getting pregnant in the future no trip is worth it. It is that serious. Wow.

I hope the information that I learned will give you some insight to this outbreak especially if you plan on doing any travel outside the U.S. Even though it definitely puts a damper on many people’s travel plans, it is about keeping yourself informed and safe.

You can get up to date on the Zika virus at the CDC website.




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