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Just Go Girl For Those Athletic Leaks

So you know us women can talk to each other about anything, right? There really is no filter sometimes. Well how about getting a group of  women in a room for lunch to talk about athletic leaks and passing a pad around for show and tell? Uuumm yea that’s  how we roll in New York City. That’s just what happened when we were introduced to Just Go Girl.

ColorfulButtsHonestly I don’t work out so I have never experienced leaks, but apparently it happens quite often amongst women especially after childbirth. Founder of Just Go Girl, Brooke Solis was experiencing athletic leaks during her intense workouts and fast paced lifestyle. She realized there wasn’t a pad out there that would not create a “bulge” from the rear because really who wants to see that while walking behind someone.   Rather whine about it, she set out to create a pad that is small enough to hide in your yoga pants but offers the utmost support for those leaks. The women in the picture above all have on the Just Go pads. Brooke is the one in the far left. You would never tell and the best part is you don’t have to hide in black pants!

JustGoGirlPadV02Just Go pads can hold up to 140 ml of urine which is way more absorption than an ordinary sanitary pad. Don’t confuse the two either. Both pads offer protection for different conditions.  I actually love the design and can’t believe it can sustain that much. I received a box so I will be testing it out! I will let you know how it flows.

You can purchase Just Go Girl pads online here.  Samples are offered online as well if you want to jump around in Zumba and try it out!

Disclosure: I attended a media luncheon. I will be compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise

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  1. Most women are embarrassed to write about this. I don’t work out but leakage is quite common in woman after childbirth. Great to know there is a pad for this. My friend had a C section and can’t control her leaks when she laughs!

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