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How A Month Has Gone….

It was a month ago today that we brought my mom to the emergency room for a stomach virus. 30 days of changes. She’s still in the hospital with hopes that she may be discharged in a few weeks to a rehab center. She’s improving slowly each day. We thank God for this and to everyone that has prayed for her. I know there are many of you that have text, emailed or called me to get updates. For that I’m grateful. The love & support has been enormous. I’m overwhelmed by it. I appreciate it so much.

It has been a month since Andre started school. Boy has 2nd grade been a difficult start so far. Three teacher discussions already. I can’t believe they are talking about my son. New teachers, different classmates and a whole new start are all a part of the equation, I know that. I only wish Andre would wait a few months before adding to the stresses of life. I know a huge part of his changes is my mom. He’s missing his favorite girl. The two of them together are a comedy act full of love. They are each others puzzle piece. Until she comes home, we’re going to have a rough couple of weeks.

Today starts my favorite season, autumn. Cool breezes, crunchy leaves and smell of pumpkin are all a sign of a fresh start. Time to break out the scarves & sweaters. Today is my sister’s birthday too. The best part was mom being able to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday by phone at 6:30am. Something she wouldn’t have been able to do 2 weeks ago.

I hope in the next 30 days there will be better things to come.


<3 Denise

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