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A Healthy U Mini Recap @ahealthyucon @bklynactivemama

As one of my wants for 2015 is to have a healthier me, my husband & I have started working out. We dusted off our Bally’s membership cards and began heading to the gym. I admit at first I dreaded it. I despised it. I just get so bored walking a treadmill. It’s a start and as with everything it’s baby steps. I know that. When I did go to the gym, years ago, I enjoyed taking classes.  So I was thrilled to learn that my girl Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama was going to bring her Zumba class to Manhattan for A Healthy U Mini New Year Kick Off. I signed up without hesitation.

The event was amazing. A Healthy U was founded by Nellie along with Cassandre & Kimberly, all of whom are health & wellness bloggers. These fabulous ladies want to encourage women on their journeys to a healthier lifestyle. For the few hours that day, they surely lit a spark in me. And I thank them.

Photo courtesy of A Healthy U
Photo courtesy of A Healthy U

It was enlightening to hear the healthy goals of each woman, strangers to me but bonded by a sisterhood and our daily challenges of a healthier lifestyle.

Zumba kicked my ass!! But it was so worth the sweat and the aches the next day. I felt alive doing it and I can’t wait to get back to taking classes again. If only Nellie was in the city I would be a regular because she works you out and to the best music! Loved it!

Photo courtesy of A Healthy U
Photo courtesy of A Healthy U

Since Zumba I have continued to go to the gym with hubby. Our work schedules and the cold have dampened how frequently we head out but we are determined to get on a more consistent schedule. I actually ran on the treadmill for 3 minutes the other day which is a HUGE feat for me! The pounds are slowly coming off. I feel great about myself & am anxious of what the next few months will bring.

Thank you so much to Nellie for being a fabulous instructor & just an outgoing human being. You really don’t know how much you, Cassandre and Kimberly encouraged me. You lit a fire that I thought died out years ago.

Be sure to follow these women & their blogs! If you’re in New York City, look out for their 2nd annual A Healthy U Conference this spring. Hope to see you there!

Brooklyn Active Mama

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Have you started a journey toward a healthier u? Let me know how you’re doing so far!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise


  1. OMG I need to get in on this. I have to watch out with the zumba and my arthritic kneecaps but I looooove a good work out class. Now if I could only put those cookies down. Must work harder.

  2. Good for you! I am also committed to doing a better job with exercise and food! We can do this!

  3. you are so amazing!!! So happy that you are doing so well with your workouts 🙂 I will be sharing this on SM, it totally made my whole night 😉 See you in May! <3

  4. Whoot! whoot! that’s all it takes, just lighting the fire! Good for you and not only are you getting healthy but you and the hubby are getting n some bonding time, that’s awesome. I’m sure it was a great event and an energzing way to start the new year. I am petite but way out of shape and need to get motivated, In high school I ran track, did martial arts and had abs like Aaliyah and now I’m not even trying to run for the bus! smh.. good luck on your get fit journey, maybe we can meet up for some yoga after work or on the weekend in the city!

  5. shirley martinez shirley martinez

    Love it! Wish I had been able to join 🙂 Zumba is super kick ass and you get fit while having fun

  6. yaay!! So glad to have met you and gals you had a fantastic time. Look forward to seeing you at the conferenece 🙂

  7. I love Zumba and wished I would have been able to go! I need to get back to exercise for 2015 too!

  8. Wasn’t it a fun class? Nellie was full of energy, the music was great,and it was a definite workout (I felt it the next day!). I thought the goal setting session was especially helpful in figuring out our fitness for 2015. I haven’t been as active as I should be, but Nellie’s class gave me a jump start.

  9. What a great way to start the New year! I keep putting off a workout regimen out of sheer laziness, but maybe i should look into Zumba! Keep up the good workout!!!

  10. Congrats on taking those baby steps and getting back to the gym. It’s awesome that you and the hubby are in it together. Awesome motivation and support. It surely isn’t easy, but like you said when you workout it makes you feel so good. I think the Healthy U team is awesome and you know I love Nellie’s Zumba class too. If only she would come to New Jersey. Lol. Keep pushing and when you’re ready I invite you to take an African Dance class with me. It’s an awesome workout and tons of fun. See you on the dance floor! Lol.

  11. Nichol Perez Nichol Perez

    I’m giving my gym a chance and gonna do that Shaun T video too. Zumba is on my list too. Keep up the good work! Kisses

  12. good for you ladies!! Love Zumba and Happy New Year

  13. Still working on it! Trying to plan time to get my weekly workout scheduled

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