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Head Back To School With Microsoft #KidzVuzBTS #ad

We kicked off getting back to school last month with KidzVuz. They hosted their back to school party at the closing day of Blogger Bash. It was a fun night for the kids getting them familiar with amazing brands.

Microsoft was in attendance & was a big hit! We are already big fans of Microsoft in our household with Xbox 360 and Xbox One but what I didn’t know was how much Microsoft has to offer for your back to school needs.

They were on hand showcasing their Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets. Each is a sleek, lightweight tablet. I’m sure you have seen those charismatic and colorful commercials where you can snap a keyboard to the tablet and instantly you have a laptop. Surface Pro 3 is perfect for your college student who’s on the go from class to library to dorm. It has up to a 9 hour battery life. The Surface Pro 2 has a built in kickstand which is great for all those times when the kids want to watch their favorite movies or stream their favorite tunes. Either one will make the perfect device for your family.

I enjoyed learning about the educational apps that were available on the tablet. School may be out but it doesn’t mean the learning stops too. My husband has created his own assignments for Andre all summer to ensure his mind is still working. Since we are in the technology led era, I enjoyed these apps such as Where’s My Mickey which introduced a world of physics based game play from Disney. I also had fun playing Despicable Me’s Minion Rush. Hey we are still allowed to have fun too, right? Who can resist those little yellow guys.


Did you know that Bing in the classroom makes searching online more safer? It’s ad free and safer. Bing initiates critical thinking by asking questions. There’s even a rewards program that you can use to earn Surface tablets for your school. Now that’s a reason to urge your child’s school to sign up for Bing in the Classroom. Find out how close your school is to earning a Surface tablet at


Who doesn’t want to have a cool job inventing video games? I know a few grown men that would die for it. Project Spark is encouraging parents & children to build their own game worlds. You can play for free on Xbox One or 360. Let your imagination run wild. If you see that your child may have found his or her niche, then send them to the Microsoft Youth Spark Summer Camp. It’s a FREE camp available at Microsoft retail stores. The camps are designed to teach kids computer science skills including learning how to build & publish mobile games as well as produce & design their own digital movies. Where do I sign up!

I thank KidzVuz for having Microsoft at the event.  I came away with so much information about the brand that I’m eager to share with my family & friends.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise

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