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Getting Organized With Mabel’s Labels For Back To School

Back to school has begun. Andre started last week. I have been prepping for the past month buying school supplies and uniforms. I like to keep things organized and  last year Andre lost a few of my favorite items that were no where to be found in school. I know it’s hard for young kids to remember to keep all their possessions together so I didn’t get too upset about it. This year I wised up and discovered Mabel’s Labels.


Mabel’s Labels is a Canadian company specializing in personalized labels, tags, and stationary. Founded by a group of four moms who were tired of their kids losing things. They are great for labeling school or camp items. They come in a variety of designs and uses – they make clothing and shoe labels which are meant to be extra-tough. Check out all their great products and order Mabel’s Labels directly from their website.


I was recently sent the Stylish Scholars Combo pack with Andre’s name to label away. it’s a pack that comes with 40 skinny minis, 50 tag mates, 16 round labels and 2 teeny tags. It is their brand new label combo pack for back to school featuring a range of modern, refined, stylish designs perfect for scholars of all ages. I loved the different designs & shapes. They easily peel off and adhere to anything.

I added a skinny mini label to his lunch pack. There’s always a chance that someone else may have the same bag so with his name tag attached it’s less of a chance of it going missing. What’s great with this label is that it is dishwasher safe. So I don’t have to worry about the label coming off when I wash it.


I attached a teeny tag to his backpack. These tags are waterproof metal tags and dryer safe. Perfect for hanging on pencil cases, sporting equipment bags or even luggage!


I am in love with Mabel’s Labels and how organized it is keeping me. I’m waiting to get Andre’s folders and notebooks from his teachers so I can label those as well. The amount of things you can label is endless. I am just going to go on a label craze!

There are several different labels on their website that you can choose from. They have clothing, household, kids safety products labels to name a few. Of course they have fun back to school combos that are sure to keep your child ready for their first day!

Disclosure: I received a combo pack to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are always my own.


<3 Denise

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