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Get Smurfing with Smurfs 2 #Review #movie

Recently Andre & I attended the private screening of Smurfs 2 at the Sony screening room. Smurfs has always been one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I’m so glad that Andre enjoys the little blue guys as much as I do. The event was a smurf filled one from the cupcakes, video games & activities. Of course a surprise visit from Papa Smurf & Smurfette!


Smurfs 2 is sure to be a summer blockbuster. The movie is set in my favorite city of all time Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower reminds me of how much I miss it! Gargamel is a huge celebrity and is up to his evil doings again. He has created his version of evil Smurfs called the Naughties and has kidnapped Smurfette from the village on her birthday! The Smurfs team up with their human friends to find her before Gargamel can retrieve the secret spell for Smurfessence. His ultimate goal is to create a world of Evil Smurfs! The movie is a fun adventure filled with laughs and a heartfelt message. It’s very age appropriate for everyone. All the adults were cracking up in the room as well as the kids, well maybe more so. LOL Andre has been mimicking Vanity Smurf all week.




Smurfs 2 hits theaters today! Be sure to wear your blue & get Smurfy with the kids. You won’t be disappointed!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to attend a screening and received a goodie bag. Thanks to Impress Media and Sony.

<3 Denise


  1. Okay, this looks super cute! My kids loved the first one.

  2. Emily Ploch Emily Ploch

    I’m excited for this movie. I really liked the first one.

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