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Get Ready! Black Will Be Back June 6th! #OITNB #StreamTeam

Finally!! It’s been announced that season 2 of Netflix’s mega hit Orange is the New Black will be released on June 6th. I am super excited! Ever since my tour of the set a few months ago, I have been dying to find out what happens next to my favorite characters.

Here’s the sneak peek trailer

Oh and I have to tell you about my “incident” this weekend. I’m not the type of person that gets star struck by celebrities at all. Anyone that knows me knows that I won’t even ask for an autograph. I just hate harassing them. This past Sunday hubby & I went to see this play Buyer & Cellar down on Christopher Street. As I was waiting for hubby to check his coat, I saw Laverne Cox aka Sophia from OITNB. I don’t know what came over me but I blurt out “Oh my God I love you! I mean on the show” She smiles and says “I love you too” I almost died! I couldn’t believed I mouthed those words out loud. Secondly I said it so loud that the usher heard me and giggled. Thirdly, my husband thought it was hysterical.  I tweeted about it and Laverne Cox favorited my tweet! Oh yes she did!! You can see my tweet here.

Okay that just shows how insanely crazy I am about this show. You need to too if you are not already. So you have time till June 6th to catch up with season 1. It’s only 13 episodes so it won’t take you long. Believe you will be done in one day. It’s that good.

Disclosure: I am a member of Netflix Stream Team. #streamteam


<3 Denise

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