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Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece #VitalsinEurope #FamilyTravel #Travel

We visited Athens & Santorini on our trip. It has always been on my bucket list & since we were along the coast of Italy I figured this would be the best time to visit. A week wasn’t nearly enough so I can’t wait to go back to explore the rest of the islands of this amazing country.

These are my 5 reasons why you should visit Greece:

  • The Acropolis – high above the city of Athens are the remains of several ancient buildings including the Parthenon. The walk up is exhausting but the view is breathtaking with the Greek flag waving in the wind. To stand on grounds that are full of history dating back to 5 B.C. is amazing. I don’t know if Andre totally appreciated & understand the vastness of it all, but I hope once he learns about Greek history, he can say that yea I was there. Go visit it. Drink lots of water. It’s hot out there.

  • Eat all the gyros you want – When I think Greek, I think lamb, baklava, ouzo and Greek salads. I had it all. Everyday. All day. I couldn’t stop eating gyros. I just couldn’t stop eating. Everything was so flavorful & fresh out there.  When on vacation, who thinks about diets?? At least you can say you ate salads. Pass the tzatziki please

  • Santorini – Athens was beautiful but it wasn’t my idea of what Greece should look like. There was graffiti and some parts just reminded us of Harlem but when we landed in Santorini I was in awe. The pictures didn’t lie. The white stoned buildings along the coast aligned on top of each other was what I envisioned. The steep walk to our rental was scary. Leave the heels & wedges at home ladies because the cobblestones are everywhere. You run the risk of an injury. The days are hot and nights are magical. It was amazing. We definitely plan on returning without Andre because it’s just so romantic. And a party town.

  • The beaches – In Santorini the beaches are much different compared to other areas in Greece due to their special geographical features. Red and black volcanic pebbles align the shores. The most famous is the red beach. We planned to visit Akrotiri one day to see it’s lost city but it was closed. (Darn Rick Steve’s book wasn’t updated with times) It is by the beach shore with several restaurants over looking the sea. They have water taxis that will transport you to the different beaches. For $5 we rode to each beach: red, white & black. You can hop out & spend the day at either. Then take the water taxi back when you’re done. My only regret is that we didn’t pack our swimsuits  & I didn’t have Dramamine for Andre. The boat ride made him very sick. My poor kid puked the whole ride. But if you do plan on visiting the beach, red beach was the most populated and this seemed to be the best way of getting there.

  • Experience a new culture – I love traveling & one of main reasons to have Andre travel so young is to expose him to other cultures. My wish for him as a grown man is to have years of traveling the world under his belt. I want him to have open eyes on how people live in the world besides New York City. Greece was a beautiful place for him to see. We saw kids his age working in their family restaurants or singing in the streets for money. We experienced the foods they eat, the sports they watch & the music they listen to. The people were so friendly to us especially the house manager at the Home Away we rented. He knew it was Andre’s birthday while we were in Santorini & he gifted him with an authentic Greek basketball jersey of Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Have you ever been to Greece? What did you like the most? What are your top 5?

Thanks for reading!


<3 Denise


  1. Martha Martha

    Love it! Sharing with a coworker who is going to santorini and Athens for her honeymoon.

    Next visit try Corfu, where I’m from. Much different from other parts of Greece and still just as perfect! And yes Gyro all day everyday lol

    • Thanks Martha! Yes we are looking at Crete too and hubby wants to do Mykonos to party LOL Your country is beautiful! I’m craving a greek salad xoxo

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