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First Stop On Our European Trip – Rome #VitalsInEurope

We are here! Well we have been here for about 5 days now which I can’t believe. Time is moving so quickly. We are 6 hours ahead of NY. I still seem to wake up early but the boyz can sleep! After being in the strong sun, we all tend to take a nap that lasts well into the early evening. So to say that we have adjusted to the time change, not so sure about that lol

Our flight on Alitalia wasn’t so bad. It was a late night direct flight to Rome. When we landed in Rome, it was chaotic trying to find our driver. Who knew looking for your name through a crowd of Italianos could be so ovewhelming! Once we did find him, after 20 minutes, we were headed off to our airbnb hosted by Francesca.

Thankfully for friends suggestions, I was given the information on this airbnb near the Vatican city. It was a beautiful ground floor apartment: 3 bedrooms & 1 1/2 baths with a full kitchen & living room. It was perfect for us. We just have to get used to everything in Italy being slightly smaller in size. The showers do not give enough room to move in. If you bend your ass can literally open the door & risk falling out. LOL Thankfully it didn’t happen to any of us.

Rome is as beautiful as you can imagine, full of it’s ancient history. From the history books, movies, video games & tv shows, I felt like I had been there before. Everything is massive & so impressive.

Vatican City – our goal was to hear the Pope do his Sunday prayer outside his balcony. We thought it began at 12pm but unfortunately when we got there, he apparently started at 11:30 so we caught the tail end of his prayer while standing outside in the heat amongst the crowd that were trying to get in too. We waited close to an hour to get inside. I was near to giving up because it was extremely hot and the people were very pushy but I’m glad we didn’t. Once inside, it was breathtaking. We hung out for awhile absorbing it all. Then we realized we should have ran to get on the line to get into St. Peter’s Basilica. By the time we did, it wrapped around. We opted to not wait which is unfortunate but gives us a reason to return to Rome.

Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palantine Hill – I booked us on a half day tour for this with Viator tours. I read reviews that the lines to get in would be long, I decided a tour would be perfect. It allows you to “skip” the lines. After seeing the lines at the Vatican, I’m glad I did. We met with our group of 25, put on our headsets and set off. The tour was informative. We had access to the 2nd and 1st floors. We didn’t have access to the underground, which is another tour. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I may opt to do the evening tour. The sun was extremely hot and the Colosseum didn’t have many shaded areas. The walk to the Palantine Hill & Roman Forum was exhausting. Our legs were killing us the next day. I would suggest not wearing white sneakers, like me. You’re walking on dirt floor and dust is flying everywhere. Needless to say my sneakers need a cleaning.

Piazza de Spagna/Trevi Fountain – One of the most famous fountains in Italy, we did as Romans do by tossing coins over our shoulder & made a wish with hopes of a return trip to Rome. You can’t even describe the intricacies of the design of the fountain.

Tiber River – from the suggestion of our airbnb host, we headed out to the Trastevere for our last night in Rome. I found this restaurant, Tonarrello, through Instagram and I am so happy we went. It was quaint, service was excellent & the food was delicious. We thought we would die on our way there with our taxi driver. How they can maneuver through small alleyways so quickly beats me. But we made it & had a great evening. We then took a 10 minute walk to the Tiber river. We got there around 1am, so some places were closing but we were able to walk through. To hear the river flowing was so relaxing. The cute shops and restaurants were charming. It’s definitely a place to go for after dinner drinks or some shopping.

We are currently in Sorrento which I have fallen in love with! I will write a post on that journey this week. Hope you are following along our journey with hashtag #VitalsinEurope



<3 Denise

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