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Dyson’s Newest Cordless Vacuums #cutthecord

Honestly, who likes to clean? I don’t think I know anyone who does but with the new Dyson cordless vacuum, I may be changing my mind! I attended a Dyson event to preview the newest cordless vacuums.

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I have never owned a Dyson which must be a faux pas in the household world. But I have always heard incredible things about them. They are just so darn costly but now I know why. I was initially impressed with the design of the Digital Slim DC59. It is lightweight yet powerful. There’s no cord to trip on or pull while cleaning. It has 26 minutes of cleaning time. I love that it has a easy to assemble docking station and a long wand that will make it easy to clean the hard to reach places. The Dyson Digital Slim retails for $499.99


The new DC65 will clean both your carpet & floors. It has twice the suction of any vacuum and 25% more brush bar power. An awesome feature for me are the tangle free turbine. Counter rotating heads with brushes removes hair & dirt from upholstery. My hair is always shedding around the house. I hate vacuuming it because it always gets tangled in the heads. With the DC65 there’s none of that. The Dyson DC65 retails  between $499-$649.

20140116_143221 20140116_143424 20140116_143122

Lastly Dyson’s handheld DC58 has a 26 minute cleaning time with a V6 motor. That’s like having the power of a car!  I felt powerful holding it. It looks so heavy but it really is light. The Dyson DC58 retails for $249.99


All of these vacuums were very impressive. Never did I realize the technology that goes into making such a household masterpiece.

I’m excited to say that I just received the Digital Slim DC59 to review! It will be the first time that I am psyched about cleaning. Get ready for some serious dirt! So be on the lookout for my review.

For now you can check out these new models here.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was invited as media to this event. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise

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