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Do You Have The Right Stuff To #GoCommando?

Okay I know it has been freezing in NYC lately so I really wouldn’t suggest going commando right now but Cottonelle has teamed up with boy band NKOTB for a #GoCommando campaign. These boyz know a thing or two about having panties thrown at them so why not put an end to this madness and #GoCommando.


Cottonelle is on mission to let America know that only Cottonelle has CleanRipple texture to get you clean, giving you the confidence to Go Commando. That’s right, Cottonelle delivers that kind of clean to give you the confidence to leave the underwear behind and go commando.

To help Cottonelle spread the word, we were invited to attend an intimate NKOTB concert at the Gramercy Theater. It brought back such memories of my childhood when I used to rock my buttons all the way down my coat. This time I only had 2 but I felt 16 all over again.


I have been to 2 of their concerts since they reunited and they still have it.  Joey & Danny went in the crowd to sing and the women went wild! I know I did!




For a free sample of Cottonelle CleanRipple head to and dare your friends to Go Cottonelle and Go Commando.

Thank you to The Moms and Cottonelle for an awesome evening!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

<3 Denise

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