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Create Memories At Chuck E. Cheese #Giveaway

Winter break is winding down. Even though I was working during most of it, I tried to take Andre to some fun places. One of our favorites since he was younger is Chuck E Cheese.

It’s an affordable place to take the kids. Did you know its the number one kid friendly restaurant? I know it can get very hectic in some locations especially here in New York City. I usually go early in the day to avoid the late comers. I buy a ton of tokens and Andre has a blast. He’s a little bigger now where I don’t have to be at his side at every game, so I can sit at a table while waiting for our food.  Chuck E Cheese has a new nationwide menu so we have a variety to choose from. Our favorite it their pizza. It’s so fresh & can feed a bunch of hungry kids or adults.

What I also love about Chuck E. Cheese is how you can always find a coupon. I use them to purchase a ton of tokens. So with a great deal I don’t mind buying alot. You can look for a coupon good for your nearest location here.

Chuck E. Cheese has partnered with select Tyson Foods products and Jolly Time grocery items. They know that great memories are made at home or a day out. Families that purchase these select products will find coupons worth up to $7.50 in value for tokens.

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Coupons on bags of Tyson Cheesy Chicken Nuggets offer a $25 deal for 130 tokens, and Jolly Time Blast O Butter popcorn coupons offer an $18 deal for 100 tokens. Hours of fun-filled entertainment for the whole family can be enjoyed at Chuck E. Cheese’s because all games are just one token to play.

We will be heading out to our local Chuck E Cheese this week to kick start the new year. I have a great giveaway too!

2 winners will be selected to win a Chuck E. Cheese guest pass which includes:

1 large pizza

4 soft drinks

30 game tokens

Please use the rafflecopter form below. The first entry is mandatory.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

<3 Denise


  1. Kellie Johnson Kellie Johnson

    Anyplace where he can run around. He tends to love Chuck e Cheese but also loves playgrounds (including indoor ones), the zoo (seasonal), and the children museum.

    • G.Drummond G.Drummond

      Whether they can run or not, “CC” is a memorable experience

  2. amy pugmire amy pugmire

    I love to take them to the local park

  3. Ashley Addison Ashley Addison

    We live in a pretty small area that doesn’t really have much for the kids to do, so we don’t really have a favorite place yet.

  4. Susan Denning Susan Denning

    Our granddaughter loves Chuck E.

  5. LaVerne Hayes LaVerne Hayes

    It has been a while since my kids went to Chuck E Cheese’s. I would love to take them again.

  6. Evelyn B Evelyn B

    We live in a small town and we like to go bowling.

  7. theodore esteghamat theodore esteghamat

    There’s a big park nearby that my kids could have fun in.

  8. Nicole Newby Nicole Newby

    My son loves to go to the park. He enjoys swinging and running wild!

  9. Christie Kammerer Christie Kammerer

    It has to be enchanted forest.

  10. Melody Foote Melody Foote

    Thanks for the opportunity! This looks like a great prize!! !

  11. Melody Foote Melody Foote

    My favorite place to take the kids to is Magi Quest in Myrtle Beach.




    Our favorite place is Dinosaur park

  14. Dwayne Berry Dwayne Berry

    Well, my daughter’s favorite place to go is actually Olive Garden.

  15. Taryn T. Taryn T.

    We love taking our kids to the book store, and going for a frozen yogurt after. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. robyn paris robyn paris

    i like to take the kids to the aquarium. It is so much fun to see the excitement in their eyes.

  17. Danielle Wood Danielle Wood

    I like taking them to play outside or to the inner harbor.

  18. Shannon Baas Shannon Baas

    to the zoo.

  19. Kelly D Kelly D

    I like to take my kids to our local train museum.

  20. tiffany lane tiffany lane

    Disney World

  21. Barbara Montag Barbara Montag

    Chuck E of course – so happy we have one!
    Thank you.

  22. Justin S Justin S

    I love taking my kids to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

  23. rickel bart rickel bart


  24. Elena Elena

    Our favorite place is Disneyland

  25. Rich Morris Rich Morris

    I love taking them to the park where they can use their imagination.

  26. Joy Venters Joy Venters

    the park


    My kids love going to Hershey park.

  28. Tabitha Tabitha

    You have a great blog! I have four brothers that loved Chucky Cheese and now a son that does as well! Thanks for the great blog and opportunity!

    • Thanks Tabitha! I appreciate that. Good luck!

  29. Mya Murphy Mya Murphy

    Zoos and parks… they are nature freaks, like me!!

  30. lori Walker lori Walker

    we like to go to the nature center near our house.

  31. Jodie Rosenblum Jodie Rosenblum

    Indoor playgrounds in the winter- and wooden playgrounds in summer.

  32. michelle m michelle m

    the mall here has a large gated playground for them to run around in and a huge carousel on the lower lever along with the kid friendly shops and an awesome restaurant

  33. Stephanie V. Stephanie V.

    bright child but they love chuck e cheese

  34. Katharine Davis Katharine Davis

    My favorite place to take them is the park when the weather is warm

  35. danielle lima danielle lima

    I like to bring my daughter to the beach.

  36. Paula Hafner Paula Hafner

    We love going to Busch Gardens together.

  37. Erika JM Erika JM

    Any outdoor festivals and the science museum.

  38. tin cruz tin cruz

    Public Zoo

  39. Karen Munday Karen Munday

    Chuck e just opened my grandaughter can’t wait!!!!!!!

  40. bryan clark bryan clark

    it really is chuckie cheese

  41. Tammie Venne Tammie Venne

    a local business that has bounce houses and chucky cheese of course!

  42. Erica C. Erica C.

    Our local park is fun.

  43. Heather Dawn Heather Dawn

    I love to take them to the local water park!

  44. Rosanne Rosanne

    A local place called Monkey Joes -it has the giant bounce houses

  45. Stephanie Galbraith Stephanie Galbraith

    We just got season passes to Raging Waters for Christmas, so that’s our new favorite place to go.

  46. John John

    Mmmmmm Pizza!

  47. Carla Pullum Carla Pullum

    The kids love to go to the movies! The love the popcorn and just being together.

  48. Linda G. Linda G.

    they love to go to Chuck E. Cheese!

  49. Brandi Brandi

    We live in the middle of nowhere, so we normally take our kids to the park.

  50. Danalee Davis Danalee Davis

    I like to take the kids to the park.

  51. joni joni

    We love going to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

  52. Alexa B. Alexa B.

    i love taking my daughter to the park.

  53. jesssica jesssica

    I like to go swimming at the lake !

  54. Brittney House Brittney House

    We like going to haunted trails.

  55. soha molina soha molina

    the zoo

  56. harolde harolde

    Chuck E Cheese for sure! My granddaughter loves it!

  57. vera vera

    I like to take them to the zoo.

  58. Keauna W Keauna W

    I have one girl and four boys……they love the park.

  59. Jckie Jckie

    Chuck e cheese, peter piper pizza, mcdonalds… Chick fil a.. Anywhere with a playground really

  60. Michaela R. Michaela R.

    we usually like to take the kids in our family to the zoo!

  61. Andrina Goetz Andrina Goetz

    I love to take my daughter to the library and they have a park too!

  62. Sallee Glickler Sallee Glickler

    I live in So Cal, so Disneyland is always a hit. But, given that it’s almost $100 per person (UGH!!!), so we go to an animal sanctuary that’s about 10 or so miles from here and they love it. They get to see African Lions, a Panther, Mountain Lion, New Guinea Singing Dogs, Tigers, as well as a Horse, Llamas, and Alpacas (plus a LOT more). They are all animals that have been seized from backyard “zoos” or other unauthorized owners/breeders.

  63. yana ryjova yana ryjova

    I like taking them outside to the park. Theres a lot of grass, a mountain to hike. Its a lot of fun.

  64. Kristi C Kristi C

    We love to go to the zoo.

  65. paula peterson paula peterson

    I love taking my daughter to Mobius Kids in Spokane Wa

  66. hazel w hazel w

    the campgrounds!

  67. Belinda Shaw Belinda Shaw

    Chuck E Cheese is my favorite since the grandkids enjoy the games.

  68. kimberly Snyder kimberly Snyder

    chuck e cheese is a fav, but anywhere with arcade games is good for us

  69. Shanna Shanna

    The Bowling Alley =)

  70. Melissa R Melissa R

    To the beach!

  71. melissa Resnick melissa Resnick

    the park

  72. Erica H Erica H

    We have a science museum membership that I love to take my son to

  73. April Brenay April Brenay

    I love to take my kids to the zoo!

  74. McKim McKim

    Chuck E. Cheese’s!

  75. amy deeter amy deeter

    they like going to the park

  76. Patty Jester Patty Jester

    I love taking the kids to Chucky Cheese.

  77. Tabathia B Tabathia B

    to bladez on ice

  78. Tracie Trump Tracie Trump

    Our kiddos love the beach

  79. Caryn S Caryn S

    My kids love Rainforest Cafe for a special treat

  80. shaunie shaunie

    We all love to go to chuck e cheese (and mcdonalds)

  81. Karen Karen

    To the park to run around.

  82. Carol Mclemore Carol Mclemore

    To the gym to play in the indoor pool.

  83. Susie Susie


  84. vickie brown vickie brown

    i would so love to take my grandkids

  85. Carol Godfrey Carol Godfrey

    Chuck E. Cheese’s and the mall!

  86. Lyndi Malarchuk Lyndi Malarchuk

    Walt Disney World! If we lived within a hour of WDW, we’d eat dinner there twice a week! We just love it!

  87. Paula Tavernie Paula Tavernie

    I love taking them to the park!!

  88. Kathleen Kathleen

    the park

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  89. christina givens christina givens

    I love taking the grand babies to the pool

  90. beth beth

    a park

  91. Sky Sparkle Sky Sparkle

    I take them to the movie theater

  92. Dorothy Sannes Dorothy Sannes


  93. Peggy Rydzewski Peggy Rydzewski

    I really enjoy taking my grandson for a nature walk.

  94. Wiktoria Wiktoria

    We like to hike and go to parks.

  95. nickie nickie

    we go to the zoo.

  96. jeanine feldkamp jeanine feldkamp

    my favorite place to take the kids is to church 🙂

  97. Debra Brandt Debra Brandt

    My grandkids love Chucky Cheese

  98. tina d reynolds tina d reynolds

    We love going to the park, zoo, chuck e cheese the childrens museum

  99. Mary Cloud Mary Cloud

    My kids like Cici’s pizza and the zoo
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  100. Julia Goldberg Julia Goldberg

    We love to go to he zoo with the boys

  101. jane jakins jane jakins


  102. jane jakins jane jakins

    chuckie cheese

  103. Sarah Sarah

    to the zoo!

  104. susan smoaks susan smoaks

    my favorite place to take the kids is to the park. we like to get outside and be active.

  105. courtney b courtney b

    we like chucky cheeese but peter piiper is good too!

  106. Amanda Roberts Amanda Roberts

    My daughter is learning to walk and climb, so we’re enjoying parks (and the back yard!!) right now!

    • Ronni Ronni

      Anyplace they can run around.

  107. sarah t sarah t

    we like to go swimming at an indoor pool by our house

  108. I love to take my kids to the beach!

  109. Marianna Marianna

    We like to go to the playground at the state park

  110. Wendy R. Wendy R.

    We like to take the kids camping.

  111. Mike S. Mike S.

    Jr. and I love to go just about anywhere. We play at the park, at the zoo, or in our own backyard. Heck, we even play games and run around in places like Home Depot when I need to get some shopping done. He’s a pretty good sport about it and has a great imagination when we’re in a traditionally “unfun” place… we make it work 🙂

  112. shelly peterson shelly peterson

    We love to spend time at the park, but the kids love it at Chuck E Cheese too

  113. melina r melina r

    I like to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza.

  114. Nellie C Nellie C

    The Zoo, he loves the animals

  115. Kimarie S Kimarie S

    Swimming. They get tired and clean at the same time. 😛

  116. colin glendon colin glendon

    The park, old fashioned, but good.

  117. Laura Laura

    Aside from Chuckie Cheese, we like pump it up!

  118. Sarah Hirsch Sarah Hirsch

    my favorites are museums, movies, and chuck e cheese

  119. local children s amusement park

  120. Shelley Shelley

    Our local zoo.

  121. Melanie Montgomery Melanie Montgomery

    The zoo or the park

  122. Robin Robin

    We love to go to the drive in in the summer

  123. nuronerd nuronerd

    I love taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese…but when we are traveling we also like museums.

  124. Jennifer J Jennifer J

    I like taking my little girl to the beach or our local pool.

  125. Natalie yeoman Natalie yeoman

    We go to kings island

  126. Susan Smith Susan Smith

    I love taking them to the park and pool when it’s nice

  127. mary gardner mary gardner

    I love taking them to the pool or the beach!

  128. Samantha Samantha

    Strong Museum of Play, which is a local museum geared toward children!

  129. Roxann Roxann

    Mine like to go to Universal Studios Orlando.

  130. Ashley Dunn Ashley Dunn

    Chuck e cheese is my daughters favorite place to go play!

  131. cheryl cheryl

    it’s always fun

  132. Saver Sara Saver Sara

    We love the zoo!

  133. Lanicsha Wynn Lanicsha Wynn

    The local Zoo or Dave and busters

  134. Kathleen S. Kathleen S.

    The kids and I love to go to the library. It’s got alot for us. Computer use, movies, books, comics, cd’s and magazines!

  135. Je Je

    My son loves to go to the park

  136. Alex W. Alex W.

    Disneyland or the zoo!

  137. lisa lo lisa lo

    Our fave place is Chuck E Cheese but it has ben a while. The last fun place was a fast food joint with a playground. Doesn’t compare.

  138. Candie L Candie L

    We love taking the kids to Mud Island in Memphis or the River Market district in Little Rock. Thank you

  139. Racheal Racheal

    We love going to the zoo because there is always something exciting too see or something new to learn.

  140. laurie laurie

    they love the games at chuck e cheese

  141. natasha tucker natasha tucker

    my son loves golden corral!

  142. Michelle Michelle

    We love to go to the Zoo and being in Phoenix AZ we can go all year round. Well we dont go in the summers its way to hot LOL. We also love go to the Children’s Museum and the movies.

  143. beth shepherd beth shepherd

    I love to take them to the zoo.

  144. Vikki Billings Vikki Billings

    Chuck E Cheese is our favorite because it has everything that all three of our grandchildren love!

  145. Where’s your favorite place to take the kids to?

    I love to drop the kids off at a farm way out in the country. Unfortunately the kids have memorized our address and the sheriff or police always bring them back home to us.

  146. Vanessa Vanessa

    My kids love playing with friends at church.

  147. I love going to our local YMCA with the kids, as we can use the outdoor pool all year round in South FLorida.

  148. Donna Kellogg Donna Kellogg

    The local Miniature golf and fun center


    Chuck E Cheese is a favoite place 4 my grandsons:)

  150. Corey Olomon Corey Olomon

    Our local science museum.

  151. Gianna Gianna

    A local family restaurant.

  152. Trisha McKee Trisha McKee

    I love taking them to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and then to a local hiking trail that was once a turnpike- they can run off any remaining energy.

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