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Cohen’s Fashion Optical Cares For Kids Eye Program Kicks Off #backtoschool #BoyzBTS

At the end of this past school year, Andre complained that he couldn’t see the smart board too well. Granted he sat in the back, but my husband & I wear eye glasses as well as most of the members in our families so I figured it is inevitable that he will need glasses too. I am a stickler for making sure my family gets their physicals every year and routine eye care is a part of it. I believe it is fundamental to a child’s development and success during the school year. The best time to get their eyes examined is back to school.

IMG_2901I have been taking Andre for his routine visits since he was in kindergarten so he considers himself a pro at this.  At his recent visit they dilated his eyes to check if he indeed needed lenses.


And it was determined that his vision has changed from last year. He is near sighted, meaning he can’t see far. Thankfully the vision change is very slight for now but he will need to wear glasses especially during class time. This year he is seated in the middle of the class which isn’t too bad but the glasses will definitely help with having a more successful year.

boyzruleourworldI think he chose those Nike frames to kinda look like his favorite basketball player Kevin Durant (see shirt). LOL  #twinning

I am thankful that I took Andre to the ophthalmologist in time to get him ready for a new school year. I know how costly it can be for families and so does Cohen’s Fashion Optical. They have kicked off their “Cares for Kids” eye care program this month. They are offering FREE eye exams Monday through Friday for children ages 5-16 through the month of September at select locations in New York City and Long Island. They want your child to have a successful school year too.

A list of participating locations can be found here.

To ensure that families head to their nearest Cohen’s Fashion Optical here is a special $50 off of frames coupon to use during your free eye exam! Please print & take with you to the store!


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise


  1. He absolutely chose the frames to resemble his favorite basketball player! Ha!

  2. OMgOsh so cute in those frames! Love how they match his shirt too!

  3. He looks adorable! He is definitely going to look awesome for the new school year!

  4. So great that Cohen’s is giving free eye exams! Andre looks so grown up!

  5. Aww he’s adorable. You’re right, he’s sporting the Kevin Durant look, and I love it. Thankfully, my daughter meets the age requirement so this coupon will come in handy. Thanks!!

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