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Celebrating Martin Luther King #KeeptheDreamAlive #MLK

Today Martin Luther King Day is celebrated across the nation. Oddly my son’s school is not closed today. They have a half day schedule. We opted not to send him to school. It may be for selfish reasons.  But we were off from work and we wanted to spend the day together. It’s a rarity that all 3 of us are off so we took advantage of the time.

We did movies & lunch together. Enjoying quality time and just being around each other. It was a great day. As the evening drew to a close, Andre & I were watching WWE Raw. They had a tribute video to Dr. King.  It reminded me to have a talk with Andre about the importance of today. It’s not just a day of no school or work but an important one in history.

I loved the conversation I had with my son. As an 8 year old, he’s bright & intelligent but he’s still innocent. Describing to him about slavery to Rosa Parks to Dr. King’s speech it was a mini history lesson for the both of us. Telling him that if we lived in those times, his dad & I wouldn’t be able to be together and he wouldn’t be here. He was shocked and couldn’t quite understand why people didn’t get along. I just reminded him that love has no color. We should not see anyone by their color of their skin but for their heart.

I hope this evenings conversation will resonate with my son. I hope he will always have just a bit of naivete that will keep his heart open to all.  I hope he won’t have to endure any injustices that have impacted the families of Treyvon Martin or Mike Brown. I want this world to remember Dr. King’s dream and keep it alive.  For we all have a piece of that dream held in our hearts.

Check out the special tribute WWE Monday Night Raw did for Martin Luther King

<3 Denise

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