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Celebrating Double Digits #thisis10

July has been such a whirl wind for us with vacation, summer camp, getaways and life. I never got a chance to write about my baby turning the big 10 last month! It was such a great day that I have to take the time to write a little something. This year I totally threw Andre off by telling him he wasn’t getting a birthday party. I mean, we were going to Atlantis the day after his birthday for a week so what else did he expect?? But I couldn’t let his big day go by without a celebration. So I planned a surprise birthday party for him. With all the planning it went off without a hitch! He was totally surprised! I didn’t get a picture of his expression but I know we got him good. This year I did a Call of Duty Black Ops theme. We had a laser tag party at Indoor Extreme Sports in Long Island City.


The kids were so excited! I knew I picked the right theme this year Call of Duty. All the kids geared up & were ready for war!



The staff at Indoor Extreme were great. The kids played in four 15 minute increments. Believe me, after the 1st 15 minutes they were exhausted. They needed a water break! They were so eager to get back to playing it was hard for them to sit still. But I prepped this photo props so they had to get some pics! I even made the adults take some too.

IMG_6874IMG_6881 IMG_6859

IMG_6882It was a great celebration. When the party was over all the kids told me it was the best party ever! Woohoo!! Score for me!

IMG_6904 IMG_6911

The smile on my big boy’s face is priceless.


Disclosure: This is a personal post.

<3 Denise

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  1. Allison Allison

    I can’t believe that he turned 10! Double digits, I remember being so excited evolving into that category, he must be so excited! It looks like you all had a blast and made his day extra special!

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