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Celebrating 10 Years #personalstory

I can’t believe it was my 10th wedding anniversary earlier this month. Before there was any online dating sites, we were set up by a mutual friend on a blind date. We went to dinner at Pizzeria Uno in the Village then to play pool. The next night it was the Frieda Kahlo movie. We were inseparable. Engaged within a year and half. Pregnant unknowingly the week of our wedding along with a law school acceptance letter to San Francisco.  It was so much to bear after just saying I do but we did it. Long distance relationship for the next 3 years with an infant by my side. I won’t say it was easy because it was anything but that but it made us stronger when we wanted to give up.  Ten years on our belt notch. I look forward to the next 10. 1924049_92846035110_399_n

<3 Denise

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