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Boyz hit the Science Center

Thanks to the awesome deal I found on a few weeks ago, I purchased tickets to the NY Hall of Science museum (NYSCI) for our boys and nephews. So my niece, my sister in law and I car pooled it to Queens yesterday with 5 boys in tow. This was a first visit for all of us.

We used the GPS system on my niece’s phone which we felt had us going in circles. Or maybe that’s just how Queens is? I don’t know for some reason anytime I venture to an outer borough I always feel slightly lost and confused. We did arrive safely at our destination. NYSCI offers on site parking for $10. We parked and off we went!

Immediately the Rocket outdoor mini golf was seen by the boyz. Umm that was a no go because it was a chilly 40 degrees yesterday. It was open but there was no way that these mamas were going to swing golf clubs in the cold. We’ll save that for our next trip.

I supplied the admissions clerk with our vouchers, we were given orange stickers to display proudly and we started out on our scientific adventure. Granted, the younger ones really didn’t grasp the ideas of the molecular structures or the microbes (well neither did I) they did have a great time. Science wasn’t one of my best subjects. My nephews who are 10 and 11 had a better understanding of the exhibits. They were well entertained. The little ones did love the bubble table and the sports challenge. Definitely bought out their competitive side. I suggest the 1001 exhibitions that runs through April 24th. It gives a glimpse to the inventors in the Muslim world. The 7 display centers they have were beautiful. It was crowded yesterday but it was a Saturday and I think they were several school groups there as well.

My molecular scientist Andre

Nascar driver Julian

I highly recommend the museum to anyone who has school aged children who are learning science and mathematics. This place has it all. I definitely want to return in the summer to check out their outdoor science playground. It looks amazing and so hands on. I think the younger ones would enjoy it twice as much if they are able to run around in the outdoors.

Our gang

So drive out or hop on the lucky 7 train and visit this museum for a Scientific adventure!

This is my personal review. I was not compensated for it.


<3 Denise


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  2. Hey Dee,

    great post! looks lotsa fun. Now, I want to go too 🙂


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  4. Great post, looks like all the boys had a great time (and educational too) You go Mom! I’m following you back now, love the title to your blog too.

  5. Hi there! Following you from MBC too! I got two boys and a girl and it is a crazy, fun adventure for me! Stroll over to! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Cyn Cyn

    Looks like an AWESOME time!!!

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  7. Looks like a brilliant day out … :0)

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    Shirl x

  8. I can’t wait for my little boy to get a bit bigger, because we’ll definitely hit the roads in search of educational, FUN outings.

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  10. Loved going thru ur wonderful blog …

    – Smita
    (fun food ideas for lil ones )

  11. Loved going thru ur wonderful blog …

    – Smita
    (fun food ideas for lil ones )

  12. I love science museums! We used to take our girls to one in Kentucky. Now we can take our grandkids.

    New GFC follower.

  13. Dropped by from the weekend blog hop. Love your blog! I have two boys – 6 yrs and 18 months. Totally understand your older brother post. Hope you will drop by my blog for a visit. Thanks.

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