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How Bedgear Improved Sleeping #bedgear #review

Andre has some restless nights. He has a tendency of getting up during the night at least once. Of course he comes to wake me up to put him back to sleep. It’s absolute torture and unfair because he never wakes up the sleeping giant aka Dad! I needed to find a resolution asap because it was making me lose precious hours of sleep. I was not a pretty person in the morning. His pillow was quite flat. Poor kid might as well just sleep pillow less. I don’t know how his pillow became a pancake but I knew it couldn’t be good for his neck or body. I remember meeting Bedgear at an event and immediately requested to review a pillow.


iAndre was fitted for one of the kids BG-X pillows. He received the Nitro 0.2, large based on his weight. He was so thrilled when he got it. He immediately tested it out to ensure it’s comfiness.


The Dri-Tec fabric wicks away heat and moisture while the Air-X® gussets increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the pillow core. The hypoallergenic, breathable and soft boost fill provides dynamic, smooth motion performance that eliminates pillow bounce and helps ensure deep sleep. I loved the curved shape as it provided support to his head and alignment of his body.


Can you see the difference between the two pillows? I wasn’t kidding when I said his pillow is flat! My poor kid!


I am happy to say that thanks to Bedgear Andre has been sleeping through the night! Woohoo!! It has provided such comfort for him. I was worried that it may be too thick for him since he was used to such a flat pillow but he immediately adjusted to it. He liked that it was cushiony and didn’t make him feel hot. I was pleasantly surprised about that too since the grey material felt warm to me. Once I threw a Bedgear pillow case on it it was a winner!

To learn more about Bedgear please check out their website at

Disclosure: I received product for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

<3 Denise

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  1. I think my husband needs one of those!! On a separate point, how adorable is your son?!?!

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