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Award Winning Play Oh Boy! Makes Its U.S. Premiere

The New Victory Theater presents the U.S. premiere of Oh Boy! from January 6 to January 15, 2017.

Based on Marie-Aude Murail’s novel of the same name, Oh Boy! is the honest and heartrending story of a group of siblings that fall into the lap of their unprepared half-brother Balthazar. In 2010, Oh Boy! earned the Molière Award for Best Show for Young Audiences, France’s highest theater honor, which led to an extended run in France of more than 650 performances.

Adapted for the stage by Olivier Letellier and Catherine Verlaguet, Oh Boy! is a one-man tour de force told from Balthazar’s perspective as a twenty-something gay man who finds his life turned upside down when he meets Simeon, Morgan and Venice–three siblings who are alone in the world. As the orphans’ older, immature, half-brother, Balthazar is their only hope of staying together. Will he give up his partying ways and come through for the family he never knew he had? With tenderness and humor, Oh Boy! examines some of life’s most emotional events such as abandonment, illness, and the reuniting of a displaced family.

“We chose to highlight the beautiful, tender relationship between these siblings that is palpable on every page of the book, as well as the sharp humor surrounding the situations and characters, particularly Balthazar. Despite the heavy challenges he faces, he maintains his extremely positive and joyful outlook. We wanted to bring this magnificent story to the stage to give audiences a glimpse into the life of this modern-day family,” says director Olivier Letellier. His Paris-based theater company, Théâtre du Phare (translated as “Lighthouse Theatre”) collaborates with living authors to create courageous theater for family audiences.

Oh Boy! began as a book by Marie-Aude Murail, winning numerous literary prizes after its debut in 2000. In 2008, the story was adapted for television audiences with the title On choisit pas ses parents or “We do not choose our parents.” The following year, Théâtre du Phare adapted the story for the stage and went on to tour the production throughout Europe and Québec. For its U.S. Premiere, Oh Boy! was translated to English by Nicholas Elliott and will be performed by Matthew Brown.


Performance Schedule: 10 performances

Friday, January 6 at 7pm

Saturday, January 7 at 2pm / 7pm*

Sunday, January 8 at 12pm / 5pm

Friday, January 13 at 7pm**

Saturday, January 14 at 2pm / 7pm

Sunday, January 15 at 12pm / 5pm

Oh Boy! has a running time of 60 minutes with no intermission, and is recommended for everyone ages 10 and up.

Learn more about Oh Boy! on the New Victory Website at

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