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An Afternoon With STOMP #StompNYC

STOMP has been playing in New York City’s downtown East Village for as long as I can remember. It is one of those iconic shows that is a must see. I can finally say that my family & I saw it and we loved it! You will too!


They forewarn you that it can get loud during the show and boy does it! But the music, dancing & theatrics of the show mesmerizes you. You forget that you’re watching performers use brooms, garbage bags or their hands to make sound that creates beats that will get you moving. You won’t find any instruments in this show besides the skeletal band that rock it out. The creativity is in how they make the music and just stomp!



Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that’s dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm.

The characters are a bit rag & tag, reminding me of the early 80’s in the Village. This is what made this show so real and perfect for it’s setting. There was no conversation between the characters using words. The interaction was through sound and it was beautiful. We have wanted Andre to take lessons to learn how to play an instrument & he was playing piano. I hope that seeing this show he will want to further pursue it. We absolutely loved it.

To purchase tickets  click here.

Disclosure: I was provided tickets for a review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

<3 Denise

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