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About Me

My name is Denise. I am happily married 10 years to a fabulous NYC Attorney with our son living in Spanish Harlem. I work full time outside of the home. I have always had a passion for all things entertainment. I am an avid US Weekly & People magazine subscriber. If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I missed my calling and should have went into Public Relations.

Personal Life

When we were expecting our son, my husband was accepted to law school in San Francisco. Rather than move out there, I decided to stay in New York to raise our son for the next 3 years.  It’s during that time that I delved into the online world to meet other moms & interact in play groups for our son. I started writing online for a national moms website. It is then that I felt I had a voice amongst women. After a few years I decided it was time for me to create my own online story.

The Blog

BoyzRuleOurWorld is about my life surrounded by my husband and son. Initially the idea came from my niece & I as we both had boys but I realized that I had 10 nephews. I really am ruled by boys in this family. I love to share our experiences on family travel,entertainment, product reviews with a bit of fashion & beauty. I may be surrounded by boys but I have to keep it a bit girly. I hope you enjoy our stories. Please leave me a comment & talk to me!

I enjoy attending events in the Tri-State area and doing product reviews. You can contact me at



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